The Mission of Our Church

It is the mission of this church to help its members grow as committed individuals and train them to be effective, compassionate Johrei administrators and dedicated bearers of Mokichi Okada's message. Mr. Okada brought us Johrei, the divine light of healing, and his writings and oral teaching convey God's will for us.

According to Mr. Okada, the church serves as the medium through which God works in this world. It is also a necessary focal point for believers, a place for dedicated service to God. In the chapel we thank God for his grace and blessings. There, we also pray for divine protection and ask God to forgive our sins. In front of the altar we receive our seals, pledging our faith in God, purify ourselves with Johrei, and serve those who come to us for help.

Purificatory power is much stronger in the church than anywhere else. Each of us is weak and helpless, but united in our endeavor to serve God through the church, we have extraordinary power.

The church is the center of our ministry. We study the teaching to strengthen our faith and better understand the mission God has assigned each of us. We organize a wide variety of programs designed to teach others and awaken them to the reality of God. We carry on research projects to demonstrate the spiritual and scientific validity of what we stand for. Even more important, we each strive to become a better person, healthy in body and spirit, each contributing to society.

Teruyuki Tada
director 1955-1986

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12/16/1997 Reimei Church (revised on 04/07/98)