About Reimei Church

Reimei Church as a corporate body of believers follows Mokichi Okada's teaching and is dedicated to spreading his message to people around the globe. Mr. Okada exhorted people everywhere to repent and embrace faith in God before his judgment should come upon us.

The name of our church, Reimei, stands for "dawn." The word is used in a passage at the beginning of a seminal work by Mokichi Okada: "Civilization as we know it transitory; it will pass away with the dawn of the New Age as the true civilization is born."

Conveying his own divine revelation, Mr. Okada spoke and wrote of this new world, where the spiritual and material dimensions of existence will be balanced in perfect harmony and people will be free from sickness, poverty and strife. The new civilization will embody truth, goodness and beauty.

Johrei is God's gift to all people brought through Mr. Okada. Administered with prayers, it helps cleanse the spirit, giving genuine health and a penitent heart. We practice Johrei not only to restore and maintain whole health but to help anyone in need, regardless of whether they are believers or not.

We are still a small group, but with our limited resources, human and otherwise, we are trying to disseminate the knowledge of Johrei to people in other countries. Any strength we may have stems from our determination to preserve the integrity of Mokichi Okada's original teaching. All of our activities revolve around this fundamental objective.

Utae Tada

December 23, 1990

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