Church newspaper, Reimei.Books in print.
Church newspaper, Reimei.Books in print.

Reimei Church publishes a bimonthly newspaper called Reimei. Edited for many years by Yoshio Uemoto, a lay leader and retired Yomiuri Shimbun copy editor, the eight-page tabloid usually contains an article by the director, about ten testimonials by believers, poems written by members of the Reimei Haiku Society, the text of a lecture by a guest speaker, and a commentary on the teaching. Since Mr. Uemoto's death in 1997, his former colleagues at Yomiuri Masaaki Harada and Shinji Sasai, both church members, have assumed the editorship. The circulation is 2,000.

We also put out books in Japanese and English. Most of the titles are published by the Rakuto Press, Inc., a subsidiary of Reimei Church. A few of the books on our list are:

Reimei: A Haiku Anthology, Vol. 1 (1980), 236 pp.; Vol. 2 (1990), 450 pp.
Johrei: Divine Light of Salvation (1984), 250 pp.
Tsuiso [Recollections] (1986), 139 pp.
Reimei Kyokai Amerika kenshu no tabi [Reimei Church Goes to America] (1986), 218 pp.
Reimei Kyokai Art Collection (1987), 101 pp.
Tsuitoroku [In Memoriam] (1988), 191 pp.
Muhi [Nature Farming: Haiku Poems by Terue Tada] (1989), 238pp.
Tada Teruyuki-shu [SeIected Works of Teruyuki Tada], Vol. 1 (1989), 153 pp.; Vol. 2 (1990), 169 pp.; Vol. 3 (1991), 145 pp.; Vol. 4 (1992), 158pp.; Vol. 5 (1993), 169pp.; Vol. 6 (1994), 168pp.: Vol. 7 (1995), 192pp.; Vol. 8 (1996), 152pp.; Vol. 9 (1997), 159pp.; Vol. 10 (1998), 161pp.
Kyokai nijusshunen kinen-shu [Twenty Years of Independent Ministry] (1990), 299 pp.
Miracles of Healing (1990), 288 pp; Vol. 2 (1993), 253pp.; Vol. 3 (forthcoming).
Faith and Science: Discourses on Mokichi Okada's Ideas, by Teruyuki Tada (1996), 184pp.

Johrei: Divine Light of Salvation, edited by Teruyuki Tada and Ichiro Nakamnra, contains the central teachings of Mokichi Okada and includes a brief biography, a bibliography, commentary on basic concepts and two research reports. Tsuiso and Tsuitoroku are both collections of eulogies and essays written in memory of the late Rev. Teruyuki Tada by his friends, associates and parishioners. Tada Teruyuki-shu will be thirteen volumes altogether.

Reimei Kyokai Art Collection is a catalogue of selected items on display at the Reimei Gallery. It contains fifty-five plates, with titles and explanatory notes in both Japanese and English. Miracles of Healing is an English translation of forty-one testimonials written by members of Reimei Church and Tokyo Reimei Church during the 1970s and early 1980s. Volume 2 of Miracles of Healing contains forty-seven stories originally published in Reimei in the latter half of the eighties, while Volume 3 brings together thirty-seven eye-witness accounts written in the 1990s.

Reimei Kyokai Amerika kenshu no tabi is a collection of travel accounts by the eighty lay leaders who visited the United States in the summer of 1985. Kyokai nijusshunen kinen-shu reviews the activities of the church since its independence in 1970, consisting of reports by church leaders and short essays of recollections by members.

Faith and Science is a translation of twenty-four articles chosen from the first two volumes of Tada Teruyuki-shu [Selected Works of Teruyuki Tada]. It discusses Johrei, disease, and purification, among other themes.

In preparing its English-language materials, the church has employed the professional services of Mr. Tsutomu Kano and Ms. Patricia Murray, for many years. They have explained accurately and sensitively our faith and experience to the English-speaking world.

Limited numbers of Johrei: Divine Light of Salvation and Miracles of Healing, vols. 1 and 2, are still available. For complimentary copies, please contact us at, giving your full name and postal address.

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