Women's Association

Women's Associstion singing at New Year's celebration.
Women's Association members singing at New Year's celebration.

Organized in 1974, the Women's Association is primarily a group of married women, but some of its members also participate in the young adults' group. They meet three times a year for day-long seminars. On these occasions, their children are cared for on the church premises by volunteer babysitters.

Topics of study at the seminars relate to childbirth, childrearing, children's illnesses, formal education, intra-family relationships, and household management. In all these areas, relevant parts of the scriptures guide the discussions, while the participation of older women is a source of help and support to young mothers.

In day-to-day pastoral work these women are the most active members; most of them do not have full-time jobs outside the home, and it is easier for them than their husbands to make a healing ministry part of their daily life. The seminars provide a regular opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and benefit by periodic instruction from senior members and ministers.

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